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Hard Drive Destruction

A hard drive is a magnetic data storage device consisting of spinning disks called platters, a read/write head, an actuator arm, and a motor. These components work together to store and retrieve digital information by magnetizing the platters to represent data as 1s and 0s. The read/write head detects changes in the magnetic field to read and write data, while the actuator arm positions it over the correct location. The motor spins the platters at a constant speed.

Hard Drive Components:

A - The Platter

The platter stores information as 1’s and 0’s. Files are stored on this piece.

B - Actuator Arm

This component reads and writes data onto the platter.

C - The Motor

The motor moves the actuator arm across the platter to read/write data.

Did you know that most digital copiers built since 2002 store images of every document they handle? This includes important documents like driver’s licenses, social security cards, passports, medical records, and more. If the copier’s hard drive ends up in the wrong hands, sensitive information can be accessed within minutes. With free forensic programs available online, thousands of images can be downloaded in under 12 hours.

At Integra we are committed to educating our clients about these risks and offering state-of-the-art hard drive destruction services. Your data security is our priority.

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