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Great for fundraisers, community service and client appreciation! A perfect time to destroy bank statements, bills, tax records, insurance information, medical records, receipts, etc. Shred events are a great way to add a valued service to a fundraising initiative. Help your community protect themselves and their valued information, while working towards your fundraising goals.

What we do:

We provide the truck and an attendant for secure onsite shredding. We’re coming rain or shine!

Rest assured that all collected paper and documents will be recycled and reclaimed.

We help promote your event on our website and Facebook.

A document shred event can be an excellent fundraiser for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, it provides a valuable service to the community by securely disposing of sensitive documents, which can help prevent identity theft and fraud. This service can attract a large number of participants, which can translate into a significant amount of money raised for the organization or cause. Additionally, hosting a document shred event can help build trust and credibility with the community, as it demonstrates a commitment to protecting people’s personal information. Finally, it can be an excellent opportunity to raise awareness about the organization or cause and potentially recruit new supporters or volunteers.

What you do:

Confirm the time, date, location, and event details. We’ll help estimate your needs.

Assemble your team (6 people minimum) and determine your cause.

Begin promoting your event. Use social media, word of mouth, or update your website!

“Ziker prefers Integra for our shredding and special event needs because of their commitment to customer satisfaction. Their customers always come first which shows in the attention to detail and their persistence to maintain close customer relationships.” – Jami Olesen

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